A guide to choosing the perfect work bag


office bag for men


Sharp formal dressing isn’t just a massive confidence booster at work, but it also allows you to command a certain level of respect. Your juniors instantly know that you mean business! However, for this perception to stand, you need to be careful about the finer details of your attire. For instance, wearing a crisp formal shirt and well-fitted trousers, with a belt which does not match the color of your shoes, would be considered a significant fashion faux pas.

In general, many of us undermine the role of fashion accessories in the art of looking good. The office bag is a vital part of your work attire, which not only keeps your work items organised and safe, but also completes your look.

You may have noticed an umpteen number of times – men and women dressed neatly for work, but wearing an informal, low-quality Nylon/PU fabric backpack, which is commonly worn by college students. This little gaffe simply mars the entire persona.


Think of a quality office bag as an investment, which lasts a long time, makes you look professional, and gives you the panache you need for your daily hustle.

Considerations for choosing your work bag

  1. Usage of the work bag

The choice of bag depends on several personal factors such as an individual’s own style statement, type of profession they are in, and how they plan to use the bag. For example, a lawyer or an accountant, who needs to lug around a lot of files/folders and possibly a laptop, may need a briefcase or a heavy satchel while an IT professional would just need adequate space for a laptop, A4 sheets, chargers, hard drives and therefore a slim laptop bag would suffice for his/her purpose. Thus, the same bag may not be suitable for professionals from different fields.

Therefore, you must ask yourself the following questions –

  • Which are your daily-carry items?
  • Do you carry a laptop to work?
  • Are internal pockets essential for you?
  • Do you use public transport or travel a long distance?

Answers to these questions would make your decision much easier, as you would know which features are crucial to you.


Spencer Laptop Bag

The Spencer laptop bag has an stunningly slim and minimal profile. Yet keeps your 15" laptop, chargers, folders/documents and more organised to maximize efficiency


  1. Your expense on the bag

Since it will be your daily carrier, investing in a high-quality work bag is a decision you will never regret. You really need a bag, which will be durable, chic and functional at the same time and the one that ticks all the boxes, will definitely cost you more. However, you must think of it as an investment, which will make your work life easier and amp up your confidence.




Divino Men's Satchel

The Hank Satchel  has detachable shoulder straps, loads a 13" laptop, chargers, and some documents with ease. Featuring premium full grain leather, its a classic no fuss carrier for work.

  1. Does the bag have detachable shoulder straps?

        Comfort is the ultimate requirement for any daily use bag. To avoid a visit to the chiropractor, look for one which has convertible handles and shoulder straps. You must have the option of carrying the bag in your hands or on your shoulders, as this will help in avoiding potential physical damage when travelling long distances. The strap can be placed inside the bag when not in use.

  1. Brand logo, leather and hardware

Work is a place where your attire must be elegant and graceful.

An office bag looks best with a classic embossed logo. A flashy large embellished logo, would never complement a smart and dignified work outfit, making the bag look rather out of place. In terms of leather, go for muted shades and minimal patterns. You must also see that the hardware is not gaudy and loud.

Keep it simple, unless you work in the fashion industry.

  1. Alternate options

Some people need space for gym/yoga clothes along with their work stuff. Therefore, they must prioritize extra space over other features.

For example, if a designer would need to carry his sketch books, A4 sheets/folders, material swatches and gym clothes for changing later - a durable tote bag would serve him well as it has ample room for extras. Moreover, since a tote bag has lesser hardware, the bag itself is much lighter in weight, making it feasible to load more items into it.

A backpack could be another option . It is heavier than the tote but gives you designated compartments for different items such as a laptop and water bottle. Your choice depends on your personal style and comfort while carrying either bag.


Thus, the next time you go shopping for your office bag - make a mental note of your desired features, invest in a decent brand, ascertain whether it complements your work attire, and check whether it has detachable straps.

Remember - a work bag isn’t just another fashion accessory, but an important extension to your overall personality. Make that investment in yourself, and build that aura that you have always desired.