I Made your DIVINO

Man’s most primitive inventions were made by hand, which even today act as building blocks for the development of the future. 

The process of creating anything by hand is truly unique, one that delivers a certain sense of nostalgia and satisfaction. 



Realising the importance of the craft, we at DIVINO strive to provide you with a glimpse about the people who make your bag.

At DIVINO every bag is thoughtfully handcrafted by a select group of traditional artisans who are masters at their work. Following the footsteps of their forefathers these skilled workers have dedicated their lives to this craft. Making a bag or a wallet is almost second nature to them and is something which they enjoy doing as well !



And since all our production is done in-house, in our very own studio workshop, we provide all our workers with safe working conditions, fair wages, equal rights & a discrimination free atmosphere where they can freely go about their work.

An open line of communication between the various hierarchies of our company ensures the artisans can interact in an informal & friendly atmosphere.



Being ethically responsible not only gives us a certain sense of joy but also helps preserve this vintage form of craftsmanship for the future!