Preventive Measures for Covid-19

The Divino workshop follows strict safety regulations during the time of this pandemic. We firmly believe that safety of our employees is paramount, and take all necessary preventive measures to keep them Covid-19 free.

Divino's Covid Control Measures

Style of greeting

No handshakes and use of non-contact greeting measures

Hand sanitization 

Sanitizing hands at the door and regular hand-washing advisory to the entire work-force.

Workplace sanitization

Sanitizing the work floor two times a day, with extra attention given to surfaces like door knobs, tools and stitching machines etc.


Mandatory temperature reading on entrance and exit.

Face masks

Face masks are provided to all employees and usage of mask is mandatory at the work floor.

Social distancing

Strict distancing is maintained in all work areas and during lunch.

Virtual meetings

All meetings are conducted through video-conferencing. If this is not possible, meetings are conducted in well-ventilated rooms.

Work from home

Those travelling from far-away areas are encouraged to work from home.

Regular communication

The management is in close touch with employees at all levels, regularly informing them about any symptom updates. Employees showing the mildest symptoms are advised to stay at home till the symptoms disappear. They are further encouraged to imbibe immunity building measures in their daily routine.