5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To a Slim Wallet Right Now!


The concept of minimalism

Minimalism is shaping our current era in more ways than one.  In the design sphere, the notion is clearly dominating home décor, fashion apparel and architecture. People want clutter-free homes with subtle use of colors, also favouring clean lines and geometric patterns. In terms of space, It is about keeping things which are important and add beauty, while letting go off things which aren’t being used or add much (relatively) to the aesthetics.

All this is about feeling happy and liberated with less. This is not only a boon for our mental health and physical well-being, but also for the planet we live in.

Why switch to a slim wallet?

The idea of minimalist wallets isn’t just a passing fashion trend. Wait until we have listed the several proven benefits of using a thinner wallet, and you will surely make the switch.

Thick wallets cause back pain 

  1. Bulky wallets cause back problems

A regular sized wallet can severely affect your posture. How, you ask?

According to Stuart McGill, Ph.D., professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo, the stack of receipts, coins and notes, we sit on, is a major cause of Sciatica and back pains. It occurs when the hip joint gets strained , while it is pinched between the hip and the wallet, causing pains starting from the hips , and reaching all the way down to the legs.

Bigger the wallet, more the agony.

We already know that placing it in the front pocket does not make the situation any better. It can cause a lot of discomfort while sitting.  So, this reason alone is enough to warrant buying a slim wallet.


  1. The slim profile reduces chances of being pickpocketed

In crowded and touristy areas, pickpocketing is a very real danger. Thus, keeping your leather wallet in the back pocket is a risky proposition. Pickpockets can easily spot your old bulky wallet there, making you more of a target.

A wallet with a slimmer profile not only attracts less attention, but also allows you to place it in the front pocket, thus making it a far safer way of carrying your monetary valuables.




  1. A slim wallet encourages you to go digital

Our country India is moving towards a cashless economy, in tune with the rest of the world. Meanwhile, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no-touch transactions are currently preferred by one and all. In such a situation, cashless transactions are the need of the hour. It is also always safer carrying cards instead of cash, as cards can be blocked soon after they are realised to be stolen.

A slim wallet ensures you carry just the essential cards and less cash.

  1. An organized wallet leads to more happiness

With the regular wallet design, you will certainly be carrying much more stuff than required. We tend to keep a lot of clutter, like old receipts, photos, and a number of business cards in our wallets, which we don’t necessarily need on a daily basis.

According to several studies, reducing clutter from your daily life can result in an increase in happiness. A slim wallet mandates you to organize better, making way for less bulk and making it easier to find something when you actually need it.

If you solely rely on cards and other digital payment methods, you could also go for a leather cardholder with space for a few notes for emergency purposes.

  1. Slim Wallets are lighter than regular leather wallets

Yes, a regular wallet allows us to carry a ton of things, but a bunch of them are absolutely unnecessary. Carrying extras adds a lot of weight to our pocket, which is not only uncomfortable but also aesthetically displeasing from the outside. A minimalist slim leather wallet for men, has dedicated spaces for certain essential items only, making it much lighter in comparison.


Now you know that a slim wallet can benefit you in a number of ways. Whether you are travelling around a crowded city or sitting at a lengthy business meeting, your wallet can play a massive role in your life. It can save you from the glare of pickpockets, help you in avoiding potential health problems, and make you a more organized person, all while ensuring sleek and smart aesthetics.

To sum it up, It is an essential and utilitarian fashion accessory, which we all need.