Our Story




We want you to experience luxury genuine leather products, with fine craftsmanship, all at a fair price.

  • We have our own factory unit where each Divino product is given the due care it deserves. The whole process of production happens under careful supervision.
  • Furthermore, each new style is tested in real world conditions before it is released to our Divino family.
  • Having our own production unit, helps us in maintaining the same quality standards as luxury bag brands while keeping the prices at a fair level.


We like to break the clutter, creating simple and elegant designs, which are adored for years after.


Our manufacturing unit is certified for the latest international ‘social accountability’ standards. This means that our workers are paid living wages i.e. they can afford a normal standard of living, they operate in good working conditions, and they receive other employee benefits (maternity leave, fair quota of leaves etc.)


We strive to reduce our foot-print on the environment in various ways.

  • The leathers that we use for our products are all upcycled ! Yes you heard that right, that means the premium excess leather that our factory uses for large scale export orders, is indeed being used to create beautiful Divino leather bags and wallets. 
  • The paper packaging that we use, is made from recycled paper.
  • We also limit the use of plastics as much as possible.


The production team of Divino has an experience of close to two decades in manufacturing leather bags and wallets. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your Divino is crafted by the most able hands.


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