Leather Care

Characteristics of Genuine Leather

Leather is a natural product, hence slight variations in texture, colour, flaws, marks of any kind are all part of its inherent beautiful and genuine nature. These elements only confirm the originality of real leather.

Our bags are built to last for years, hence you may notice the colour of the bag will start to change as the time passes by. There may be a soft sheen that will develop through use on the surface of the leather which will provide a character, a personality to your Divino product.

How to care for your Divino product

1. Keep your leather bags away from humidity & heat

Keep your bags away from excessive heat conditions. Extreme heat may alter the texture and colour of leather.

Humidity is another thing, which does not react well with leather. So its best to keep our leather bags dry and if there is any spillage or the bag gets wet in rain, make sure to gently wipe off the bag to keep it dry and clean.

2. Store your leather bags the right way

When not in use, it is always best to store your bags in the Divino cotton dust bag provided and keep it in a cool & dry place. Do not cover them in a vinyl or plastic material, it will eventually absorb the moisture and the leather tends to dry out.

Use scarves, tissue papers or sweaters to stuff your leather bags to keep them in original shape forever. The removable straps can be removed as well, in order to extend the life the bag.

Best practices for maintenance of leather goods 

  • Wipe your leather bag regularly, at least once every week.

  • Keep sharp metals or pens away from the bag, this may scratch the skin of the leather resulting in scratches/damage.

  • Ink pens or click pens can also be put in a pouch before putting them in your bag. The liquid bottles or solutions can be wrapped in a cover before placing them in the bag, such as to avoid the spillage from inside.

  • A spray protectant can be of great help to make the leather breathable. 

  • If your bag has an oil stain, sprinkle some corn starch powder on the fresh oil stain to absorb the oil and dust off any excess powder.